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Best way to stop calls from telemarketers is to block incoming calls from suspiciously looking numbers or from uknown callers. Cell phone users can choice among many available software apps that allows to block both incoming calls and text messages. Also all incoming calls with ID withheld can be blocked right away.


JamesMar 19, 2018 17:12 PM

They called from this # 2x today -- caller ID said "Independence Blue Cross" -- 1st time I didn't answer, 2nd time I did and it was "Indian" Sam wanting to talk about my electric bill. Hung up immediately on the creepy scammer. Will no longer answer to Blue cross/blue shield...BTW they also use CVS/Caremark. Guess they know they make a normal person sick.

ChrisMar 19, 2018 16:36 PM

I am on the do not call list! They still call ‭(201) 571-7078‬. I returned the call and it said to press 1 if they called me by mistake. I did and it kept repeating press 1 if called by mistake. This number is blocked

AnonymusMar 19, 2018 16:27 PM

Survey company

TLMar 19, 2018 16:15 PM

Scam: "We are calling about your credit card account. There is no problem with your account..."

lindsay Mar 19, 2018 16:12 PM

call back says wells fargo and asks to enter debit card number. it isn't wells fargo!

rongkun wangMar 19, 2018 16:08 PM

silent call.

PJMar 19, 2018 15:54 PM

New scam - 0% interest on all your credit cards.

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859-203-5550 Mar 19, 2018 17:54 PM
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647-998-4180 Mar 19, 2018 17:34 PM
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306-716-3153 Mar 19, 2018 17:11 PM
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402-712-3248 Mar 19, 2018 16:47 PM
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517-216-7390 Mar 19, 2018 16:26 PM
402-317-9598 Mar 19, 2018 16:26 PM
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317-250-9408 Mar 19, 2018 17:54 PM
206-954-7402 Mar 19, 2018 17:54 PM
401-864-1753 Mar 19, 2018 17:54 PM
406-552-4385 Mar 19, 2018 17:54 PM
303-261-4458 Mar 19, 2018 17:54 PM
602-603-8499 Mar 19, 2018 17:54 PM
315-265-3388 Mar 19, 2018 17:54 PM
336-203-8035 Mar 19, 2018 17:54 PM
575-205-1795 Mar 19, 2018 17:54 PM
213-349-1170 Mar 19, 2018 17:54 PM

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