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Best way to stop calls from telemarketers is to block incoming calls from suspiciously looking numbers or from uknown callers. Cell phone users can choice among many available software apps that allows to block both incoming calls and text messages. Also all incoming calls with ID withheld can be blocked right away.


CJFeb 15, 2019 17:13 PM

Personal Capital call. Got annoyed enough to delete my account from the app and block the number.

AnonymusFeb 15, 2019 01:49 AM

Man called Demanding to speak to head of household. Very rude. Blocked.

Dan sappFeb 15, 2019 00:03 AM

Call came through as possible telemarketer-left nomessage

DuaneFeb 14, 2019 22:43 PM

"Either wrote down the wrong name or he gave me the wrong number haha what a douche." It came with a bra picture

Ayanda Feb 14, 2019 06:04 AM

He said he works for forex I deposit money to account Bukhosi nkomo standard bank 10109962493 and I can find him now

John weberFeb 13, 2019 03:49 AM

This guy calls and says he is in one of my dog kennels in my yard well I don't have a dog or a yard

AnonymusFeb 12, 2019 21:29 PM

debit collector

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Sumbit your phone number to Do Not Call Registry

This registry contains telephone numbers and the owners of those numbers that refuse to receive unsolicited calls from telemarketers. You can register your telephone number online at: for United States and at: for Canada.

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Call Blocker Voicemail Blocker

Please make sure you are NOT using anything else to block the same number, either your phone's internal blocking list (auto reject list), or your carrier's blocking service, or any other call blocking app. The pick up and hang up won't work if you are using something else to block the same number. If you are not sure, turn off the blocker and see if the call is still blocked.