Phone Number Format: 201-XXX-XXXX
Area Code: 201 (Phone Listing)
State: New Jersey
Country: United States
Statistics for Area Code: 201
Searches: 267
Safe Votes: 291
Unsafe Votes: 1258
Comments: 247
Most Suspicious Number: 201-210-8101

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Dr.Jul 05, 2018 16:28 PM

I received call from this same number. Claim to be IRS. It's a scam.

XJul 05, 2018 14:08 PM

Claimed to be irs

MarkJul 05, 2018 13:40 PM

Of course it is a scam ! Block the call and do not give any information. Even better if you do not answer.
They claim to be some sort of government agency.
They are the real and true `scum of the earth people` !
I wonder why police is not able to track them down, charge them and put them out of business !

car warranty expiresJul 02, 2018 13:15 PM

I don't have a car, so it seems a scam...

AnonymusJun 26, 2018 14:13 PM

Doctor's office

MHJun 26, 2018 08:00 AM

I received exactly the same call as DZER. Same message, same day. There was no introduction of who they were, just mentioned a federal crime, magistrate, grand jury, blah blah blah.

DzerJun 25, 2018 19:19 PM

this number left a voicemail saying
ingnoring this will be an intential second attempt to avoid intial appearance before a magistrate, judge or a grand jury, for a federal criminal offense. this is a final attempt to reach you. to resolve this issue immediately and to speak to a federal agent call us back on 201-588-6535 i repeat 201-588-6535 thank you

first of all this is the first time ive received a call from this number. second a court will never call you but they will serve you with papers or send an officer to your door or both.
if you look this number online it is linked to a porn site.
Dont answer this call or call it back or you will likely be put on an active call list wich will be sold. then your phone will really start getting spammed

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