Phone Number Format: 210-XXX-XXXX
Area Code: 210 (Phone Listing)
State: Texas
Country: United States
Statistics for Area Code: 210
Searches: 215
Safe Votes: 358
Unsafe Votes: 584
Comments: 103
Most Suspicious Number: 210-610-0916

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T~Jul 26, 2018 16:15 PM

Recording advising IRS has a warrant and are investigating your family. Grammar is ridiculous.

Roy CastilloJul 13, 2018 23:38 PM

I don't know how to stop this shit

TSLJul 09, 2018 12:51 PM

Fake call about criminal action on your SSN

ChrisJul 06, 2018 15:33 PM

These guys are pretending to be the Social Security Administration in San Antonio, TX and are trying to perpetuate fraud by getting your social security number and date of birth.

DonnaJul 05, 2018 17:03 PM

I did not answer. Caller left voice mail saying that I am in trouble with the government and to call them back before they start legal proceedings. It is a very poor recording. I did not respond.

hshJul 05, 2018 17:00 PM


Raytwan Jun 27, 2018 19:29 PM

Looking for the company name

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Other Area Codes For State: Texas