Phone Number Format: 310-XXX-XXXX
Area Code: 310 (Phone Listing)
State: California
Country: United States
Statistics for Area Code: 310
Searches: 51
Safe Votes: 35
Unsafe Votes: 74
Comments: 16
Most Suspicious Number: 310-601-8239

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Richard KurtzDec 05, 2017 16:56 PM

They pulled a scam that cost my company $1900

SarahNov 21, 2017 08:41 AM

I received a call from a Hispanic lady yelling at me claiming I called her. The only record of her number in my phone was from her call. I messaged the phone in English and Spanish explain8ng what I think happened she sent me a picture of her phone showing she called me and said she's calling the cops I told her to please have them call me because she is harassing me. I blocked her and she's still trying to text and call (my phone let's me know when blocked numbers try to call or message). It's some kind of scam to get money like a blackmail kinda deal.

AnonymusNov 20, 2017 13:58 PM

They left a message about credit card companies and banks doubling the minimum payment requirements, but now I'm "eligible to lower your interest rates on all your credit cards...., but you must act now...." I consider this a SPAM call.

bat ManNov 06, 2017 21:09 PM

bad number

BMFOct 11, 2017 12:59 PM

multiple calls they never leave a message........ always a scam

RosaOct 05, 2017 12:08 PM

Missed the call. Name on it says Maria gomez. I have caller ID on my phone. Left no message.

CamSep 29, 2017 20:38 PM

Spam call about student loan debt that automatically went to voice mail. I don't even have student loans.

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Other Area Codes For State: California