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If you received a harrasing phone call from the: 2062603701 read the comments below and please post your comment to inform other users about the caller.

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JamieSep 24, 2021 22:01 PM

Went voicemail- I don’t answer calls that I don’t know the caller: I checked the message- just heavy breathing.

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AnonymusJul 07, 2020 19:51 PM

They keep calling me, so I answered. The dude on the other end asked to speak with some random person (Not me). I asked them to tell me who was calling, and they said it was something about rent due in for an apartment. I told them it was the wrong number and the dude was like “Why would you identify yourself as the man we asked for?” He must have been having a bad dad cause this guy was rude as hell. I told him I never identified myself, I only ever asked who was calling. This idiot is like “Unfortunately ma’am you did identify yourself as this man. Why would you do that??” Which is annoying, but humorous because why did he refer to me as “ma’am” if he believed I was the man he intended to call?? I don’t know what this is about but I’m annoyed. It’s a scam, don’t answer.

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SharonNov 04, 2019 23:07 PM

Claim I owe for apartment back rent and turned over to collections. I don't live in apartment and I don't owe any back rent to anyone. Total scammers and very rude! They've called 3 times today, and 4 other times since mid last week. Called back from my work number and Anastasia was rude.

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AnonymusJul 02, 2019 23:04 PM


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