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Do you consider 315-800-6259 being safe or unsafe?

If you received a harrasing phone call from the: 3158006259 read the comments below and please post your comment to inform other users about the caller.

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MarkFeb 09, 2018 17:41 PM

You have nothing to worry about. It is a call center and they are not quite sure how to answer the phone so they may hang up on you right away but if you continue to call they eventually will block you. It's not even a good scam. They have trouble reading their script.

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GalenFeb 09, 2018 13:06 PM

Received 2 phone calls from this number. Voicemail was an automated computer voice leaving the phone number and no other message. I am not calling them back.

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JanetFeb 09, 2018 13:00 PM

Got a message to this number about my case. I have no case. I called. They picked up after the first ring and said they were the irs but didn't know why they called me and had to research it. Right!

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SteveFeb 09, 2018 12:37 PM

I received recorded voice message saying they were the IRS and to contact as soon as possible. I am a CPA and the IRS will never call you without previously having direct contact with you. Truth is it is hard to get them to call you, even with previous direct contact.

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TreDec 08, 2017 14:29 PM

It a scam

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Gary Dec 08, 2017 14:29 PM

I received a call from this number and they said that I was going to be arrested and that an arrest warrant was going to be put out for claiming I owed the it's $3000 kinda fishy

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AlexDec 07, 2017 17:26 PM

It was an automated message saying that I would be arrested in an hour.

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GemDec 07, 2017 02:56 AM

Called twice ..a recorded voicemail saying I would be arrested by one hour.that I need to call being answer...wht do we do with these scammers???who has thm arrested?

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LuzDec 06, 2017 19:07 PM

They said they were coming for me for fraud. On the i r s. I told heri have a tax person she said i comitted fraud i said i want to talk to another person she posted as the other person i hung up.

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AnnaDec 06, 2017 18:21 PM

I got a message to call this number

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TukDec 06, 2017 18:12 PM

Voicemail saying the police is coming to arrest me. Scammers

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StephanieDec 06, 2017 17:36 PM

they said they were sending out an arrest warrant but no name, no company no nothing....

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NicoleDec 06, 2017 16:00 PM

A prerecorded message was left on vm to call back before being prosecuted. Whomever called would not answer phone. Called number back on a family members phone from 1200 miles away & I was told it was the federal government from where the family member lives. When the person answered the phone he did NOT identify himself or the company he represents.

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ChiDec 06, 2017 14:00 PM

Received voice mail from 1-315-800-6259(New York) saying an arrest warrant was issued and I'd be arrested in 1 hour at my house. Called back, they answered crime investigation and told me I had an issue with the IRS and that's who issued the warrant. I told them they were a scam and I was turning the # into the police. They hung up on me. lol

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EmilyDec 06, 2017 11:40 AM

Got a voice-mail. Says the call came from new York and that they were going to issue an arrest warrant if I didn't call back. Tried calling back and the call could not be completed

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